I am Spartacus
I'm Victoria. American. Educated (or trying to become.) I'll surprise you with things I enjoy and don't enjoy. If you don't want to see any Harry Potter, then this blog is not for you...infact, Tumblr is probably not for you.
I have a few sick obsessions,Lucille Ball, Gene Wilder, and Tom DeLonge. I'm horrible with conclusions, so I'll just awkwardly stop when ever I fe....

Oh hey by the way I’m back (not really)


    I would like to punch the entire Garrity family in the face.


      It’s been one of those weeks where I deleted everyone I’ve ever fucked from my phone and bought a vibrator. So…yeah….

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            you’re not allowed to wear a cotton t-shirt unless you’re a true fan! do you go to the fields and look at it? do you appreciate the agricultural implications of a gigantic cotton industry? do you understand the harvesting process? name 5 cotton harvesting machines. didn’t think so

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              Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you were the one who carried you through the heartache. You are the one who sits with the cold body on the shower floor, and picks it up. You are the one who feeds it, who clothes it, who tucks it into bed, and you should be proud of that. Having the strength to take care of yourself when everyone around you is trying to bleed you dry, that is the strongest thing in the universe.

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                A penny for my thoughts oh no, I’ll sell them for a dollar. They’re worth so much more after I’m a goner. 

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